In today’s blog post we are going to look at how we can set up continuous deployment for an Angular application using TravisCI and Heroku. But before we get to the good stuff I think it is a good idea to know what Continous Deployment really is.

Well according to Atlassian, Continuous Deployment (CD) is a software release process that uses automated testing to validate if changes to a codebase are correct and stable for immediate autonomous deployment to a production environment. You can find the detailed blog here.

Now that we know what CD is all about, let’s look…


Hey there, in this article we are going to walk through on how we can upload multiple images at once using Cloudinary, ExpressJS, and NodeJS. Please note that this article assumes that you have working experience of NodeJS and Javascript in general, this article will not cover persisting data in a database or anything like that.

Let’s get started, shall we…

Make sure you have NodeJS installed on your machine or download and install it. Secondly, create an account on Cloudinary if you do not have one already, it is a very quick process.

Great, now that everything is in…


Adaptability is the ability of one to alter or adjust oneself to the changed circumstances or environment. Change comes our way every day, in all kinds of forms and caused by all kinds of reasons. However, change doesn’t leave one’s life the same, it might change their life positively or negatively depending on a number of reasons.

I applied at Andela for Cohort 12 fellowship a couple weeks ago and it has been a journey of change and new experiences. I’ve made it as far as Bootcamp week 2. …

The 24th of September 2018 marked a brand new chapter of my life, it was the start of the long-awaited Andela Cohort 12 Bootcamp. A period where aspiring Andelans get tested to see if we meet the standards of a world-class developer.

So this is how it goes, you’re each assigned a team with a superior commonly known as an LFA(Learning Facilitator Assistant). We are expected to collaborate as teammates as we receive guidance and feedback from our LFA as we progress through.

I was assigned to a team of 6 members but unfortunately, the sixth member couldn’t make to…

Challenges are a part of anybody’s journey of life, no one has it easy in the world that we are living in today. We’re all bound to face many of these along the way, for some they break them and for others they make them nevertheless there’s always a lesson for one to learn out of these experiences.

Today I share with you my most recent challenging learning experience, I have always loved animated movies and my love for them drove me to a new chapter of my life where I believed I could start creating my very own. Now…

Joshua Lugada

Hi there, I’m Joshua a software engineer. What I do is pretty easy. I learn, share, repeat.

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