Basketball is not just a Sport, it’s a Lifestyle

I remember when I was very young, around seven years old, my mind was full of basketball. The only thing that I wanted to do was play basketball and be the best possible player. At that age, I was a dreamer. I wanted to become a professional basketball player and play in the NBA. It looked like a possibility to me. Funny right? I thought that because I was the tallest and one of the best players in my league it would be easy. I thought that that would be enough, but I was completely wrong.

Years passed and a really good team in my city, Madrid, wanted me to play for them in a much better league. At that moment I was not the tallest, and I was not the best player neither. That year, the dreamer kid that I was, realized that being a professional basketball player would be hard. All my dreams became more realistic and mature less fictional. However, that new reality was not going to change my dream of being a professional basketball player, and I was going to do whatever was possible to achieve. Yet this meant I would lose other things. One of the things that was harder for me to lose was time spent with my friends. I used to go out with them and walk around downtown on Fridays, but on this new team I had to practice on Fridays, which made spending time with my friends impossible. Also I missed many trips with them because I had to play in the playoffs.

I made many sacrifices to be the best basketball player, but I do not regret any of them because it made me happy. Basketball was and still is a big part of my life. I love this sport, and I love to play basketball competitively. This sport also gave me friends. Basketball is a team sport, which requires you to communicate with your teammates and trust them. It is something that has made me grow up as a person as I’ve had to work with my teammates and coaches. I encountered many different lifestyles and people with different perspectives from mine, which has made me a more open minded person. I learned many lessons from basketball and my teammates have helped me a lot in my life. I have learned much from it, but the most important things that this sport have taught me are respect and ambition. You must respect everybody around you, and in the case of basketball, you have to respect your teammates, the other players, the referee, the fans, but especially respect the game. I gained so much ambition by playing basketball because taught me to fight for what I want to achieve.

Forget all your problems. By: LT Clarence Harris

“Play the right way’ means play unselfishly, respect each other’s achievements, play hard, fulfill your role” — Gregg Popovich

Basketball has also help isolate me from all my problems. When I am playing basketball, my mind is completely empty, and that feels good. It is like free psychological therapy. I am able to just go to any court, get a ball, and start playing. It is wonderful that such a simple thing can help me forget for a moment the difficult things that I am experiencing at that moment. I would like to encourage everybody to take some time out of their day to do what make them happy and free.