Little Discoveries

There are discoveries that change the world, that change the history, that help humanity… but there are other little discoveries that are more personal and in my case. Those discoveries can change the vision that you have in your life. In my three years that I have been in the United States, I have meet many people from other countries, I have learned different cultures and I have explored curious ways of thinking. Who was going to tell me that I was going to discover all these positive things before I came to the United States? Over time, I realized that I am very interested in traveling. I hope to travel around the world and be able to get to know more people. I hope to be able to observe how different it is my world with respect to other people’s world.

ICC (Intercultural Club) Celebration Party at Green Mountain College, 2015

These small discoveries have changed my life because before I know the new “hobby” about me, I did not have any idea of what I wanted to do after I graduate college. However, now I am planning to spend around 20 days every summer in a different place of the world just to know the traditions, culture and people…I think it is one of the most exciting project that I have planned in my life and I would like to accomplish it. This discovery have made me happy and made my life more exciting than it was before. I think that visiting new places with different kinds of people and their ways of thinking will make my mind much more open. I will be able to understand better about people who have different thoughts than me. This will make me a better person because before I came here and before I knew other diverse people, I was a person who had prejudices and did not want to socialize with people who were much different to me. Now, that has changed and I am glad because I became much more sociable.I believe that the next experiences that are coming in my life will make me discover more interesting things about myself that I did not know. My next journey begins in Rio de Janeiro, there I hope to experience the jungle and connect with Brazilians and their positivity.