The Sophistication and Accessibility of Portable Chicken Coops

Chickens are animals that will run around as and when it pleases them. They will go up a tree, hide behind bushes or simply sit on the ground. While you wish you could simply let your hens run around in the backyard, I don’t think your neighbours, the city or your soul will be happy. Nevertheless, satisfying your hen’s home and shelter needs will not be difficult.
Feast your eyes on the chicken coop

A chicken coop offers your flock a secure place that shelters them from the predators and various rudiments. It gives the comfort of laying their eggs and sleeping in peace at night while you keep a watch on their location. There are a variety of shapes, sizes and designs in portable chicken coops.

Structure of the coop

It is crucial to comprehend and offer the perfect home features that complement the behavior of the hens. What I am about to say will give you a brief understand and overview of their behaviour and characteristics required in the design and pattern of the coop.

Walls and a Ceiling

Like us human beings, the hens need the basics which include walls and a ceiling. The creatures need a door to get in and out, and the home should let fresh air flow in and out comfortably. The choices for materials and designs for it are never ending.

There are a few more characteristics and features that I would like to discuss.

Outside Area

Chickens have a habit of scratching themselves in the dirt, digging through the weeds, looking for bugs and eating them, having a bath in the muck and relaxing in the sun or shade or simple run around. It is crucial for the chickens to have access to the area outside the house. Make sure the area outside is fenced properly or you have enclosed run attached to the coop.

A Roost

Chickens are birds, I hope you know that. They love to roost which means that they are found of perching on top of something above the ground. The portable chicken coops are inbuilt with a roosting bar. Installing a bar inside and outside will give the option of using both depending on the weather.

A Box

Hens need a box to lay their egg in. You either make a simple one or nuts or make something lavish. A wooden box made inside and lined with a couple of straws is fine. The only thing that you need to do is make sure it fits in comfortably on all the sides, offers a roof and have enough space for the birds to step over them.

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