I love Pizza Meetings

I hate Android
May 3, 2018 · 2 min read
Just a random Pizza from Coke Lane

If you work in software development you know the pain about meetings, and probably you know also the rare case where meetings create values.

I just realised that I was having super useful meetings to organise the monthly Pizza stand-ups. In a few iterations we were able to improve dramatically the pizza quality bringing huge value to the company.

So I just analyzed one of this meetings to understand its anatomy.

  1. You need a clear Agenda composed of: Context and Decisions to make;
  2. (A) I was prepared for the meeting, and I was able to provide a Lean solution — already available to use and require little effort.
    (B) keep researching better solutions that are safe to fail — in this case we don’t need to order 10 pizza to test it, but just one;
  3. Approval. Just note that in the Approval the solution is repeated to make sure that the communication was effective;
  4. Having data allow to make a data-driven improvement and not opinion-driven. This improvement is still fail to safe and will provide useful data for the next iteration;
  5. same as 3;
  6. We are done.

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