SingularityNET Tech Development Update v2.0
Curtis Michael Faith

I understand, each service correspond to a unique ontology identifier.

Is the model of ontologies analogous to the one to describe entities in knowledge graphs or semantic graphs?
There you have entities corresponding to a unique identifier and lists of properties that describe that entity — likely, list of keywords ?
HEre, an ontology is a service.
Which propoerties describe a service?
Are they defined as tuples like in Freebase or RDF ?
Are they loosely described as users’ descriptions (text / list of tags / list of keywords / list of votes / list of other services that dialogue with them at least once…) ?
Is the repository of such ontologies available for public download — e.g. like a Wikipedia dump? I imagine about tools to explore type of services available in a platform (here in SingualrityNET) from a Human Center Design approach

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