Do you really think your real marketing is done by your marketing people?

Marketing efforts varies when you need to market something to people of different age.
For elders you go on tv.
For millenials you go on socials.
For "gen z" you don’t own your marketing anymore.
This is important to know and to acknowledge because it’s how things are going to be.
If you think about it, you can clearly see a shift in the marketing power that is going from the company, to its customers.
This is because the internet has given us the power to easily share our experience with a product or service easily with everyone (you tube reviews or specialist blogs).
It has also made it easier and faster to communicate and give advice to our friends (whatsapp or facebook).
Like it or not, marketing as we know it, is going to die for a very simple reason: there is an intrinsic conflict of interest in every marketing efforts made by the company.
Why should we waste our mental energy over thinking wether or not we should trust your company based on your own marketing content, when we can easily get to know what is the real experience of being your customer from people that are (or were) your customers?
We just need a couple of click (or tap) right now.
Like it or not, this is happening already; it’s just going to happen a lot more.
People won’t care about your obviously beautified messages.
It doesn’t matter if you follow the latest marketing trends; your marketing will soon belong to your current and previous customers anyway.
What is the bottom line then?
Don’t waste more time than needed thinking about your marketing plan and focus instead on creating the product or experience that people are looking for.
Your current and previous customers are going to do "the big part of the rest of the job".