My Path to Writing and Producing a Short Film

A story about the birth of a movie

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A picture of the Crowdfunding Campaign for the short film FIT(IN). // Photograph by: Pedro Millás

Most part of you might be expecting a “how to” article. Maybe a showcase of a sucessfull story, or hints that points you towards effective steps that have been proven to work. Or at least reading a story of someone who has made it. Sorry to disappoint you, but that’s not the case. Actually, we are about to launch a crowdfunding campaign for the film, and our to-do list is considerably big. I want to talk about my process in discovering that I wanted to write and produce a movie. Better: my process to get to know something I love.


What an ordinary way to introduce a paragraph. The truth though, is that I am finally accepting this statement. In 2016, if you had asked me about the last time I went to a theatre and watched a movie, the answer could take a couple seconds to come out. Even though I really enjoyed watching films, I just had so much more to do and worry about so I wouldn’t care that much about it.

During that time, I was an Advertising grad working for Red Bull in the marketing department, and even thoughI had fun, I knew something was missing. It was an existential crisis right before my eyes. They say tough moments generate great ideas. For some reason, I decided to get back to something I was always good at during high school: writing. As of that moment, storytelling became my obsession, and I was dabbling into personal articles, introspective poetry and rap lyrics (why though?). A couple months later, I was on an airplane moving to Los Angeles to study screenwriting.


A lot has changed ever since. I became a Lynne Ramsay fan, started wearing short sleeve shirts and realized I have a sh*t-ton of work to do in order to find my storytelling voice. It took me a little while to believe I could write a script. I mean, poetry demands a lot of your mind, articles are hard work, but like… scripts? “Scripts are for pros, bruh.” Of course this fearful thoughts stayed on my mind for a while. One does not simply find out that screenplays are 120 pages long on average and doesn't get some nerves about it.

But, I kept writing my articles, watching a lot of movies, reading a couple scripts, and the most important thing: getting fascinated about short movies. When I got to know it was like a divine gate opened up before my eyes. I was exposed to all of these high quality shorts, filmed mostly on low budgets, and being widespread throughout the internet. That blew my mind. All of a sudden, writing scripts was not that far-fetched anymore.

Funny enough, I got my start through a job. I was writing short scripts for an E-Learning company. From that I moved to a short film script for a friend, and then landing a couple Branded Content spots. It was clear that the moment to write an authorship project was coming, and I opened my mind to capture the stories around me. That’s the moment when everything became a script in my mind, and most part of them sucked. But, a few made sense to me.


When a story comes to your mind, it doesn’t mean that the immediate best decision is to put it on the paper. Some stories simply don’t fit your current interests or doesn’t have a connection to where you’re at in life in the moment. But when the right one hits you, you can be sure you’ll know it.

Walking around Los Angeles can be pretty shocking when you first arrive. The number of homeless people is tremendous, and you’ll find every kind of person in a corner of the city making a home out of it. Since I was not expecting that before my arrival, it was something that stuck on my mind right from the beginning. I always wanted to do something about it, until the day that I caught myself judging a homeless guy asking for money because he was dressed like a hipster. This was the story I wanted to write about, and he would become my inspiration to start a conversation on this issue with society. BOOM! On that same night I had my script outline. A couple days later, the first draft was done. Now, five months later, we are ready to launch the crowdfunding campaign to fund this movie.

That story that came up as a joke between four friends driving through Los Angeles is now waiting to hit the screen. I’m happy to say that this four friends, all which are filmmakers, are now part of the crew, along with the collaboration of many other amazing people! I’m thrilled to be going through this process and I can tell you it’s been a wild ride. Now, the most important stage of the project so far, is approaching, and I’ll need to ask for your guys’ help. Soon, the Crowdfunding will be online and I’ll be back here to share with you where we are at. All I can say is that I never wanted to tell a story this much, and your help will be really, really, REALLY appreciated!

Last but not least, I wanted to leave a commitment here: you’ll be watching FITTIN’, the short film, very soon.

The end. The beginning.

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