Hey Luigi, thank you so much for the in-depth review of Material Design for Wearables.
JP Gil

Hi JP!
I’m so glad you noticed my article and I hope you liked it :)

And I am happy to have met you again, even if only virtually! I don’t know if you remember me from AppCircus San Francisco, where I pitched for my wearable app Wear Apps Tracker. Probably not, because I was too shy to talk with a Google designer even if I had a chance before the pitch!

By the way, I’m writing a series of articles about Android Wear 2.0, each one focused on a particular side of this amazing release; the first on the list — it should be out in a few days — will be about the new notifications cards and the relative new interaction model. And about these articles, I thank you a lot for giving me the possibility to ask you questions about what I could not understand properly on the subject!

Have a nice day and thanks again for your comment!


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