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Over the past 2–3 years, I’ve developed multiple brand identity designs for a variety of startups and businesses, be it in food and entertainment sector, in sport and fitness sphere, local entities and much more. Having a huge passion towards branding, brand development and strategic brand management, I also strive to implement the best solutions according to the client’s and company’s needs. Not all clients, organisations or businesses need the same framework, marketing strategy and brand management.

If you are an early-stage entrepreneur, chances are you are resorting to free logo platforms or unprofessional designers to develop your logo design…

An unparalleled opportunity for exponential growth

This is NOT the time to go dark. Your audience and loyal customers need to hear what you’re up to more than ever before. Covid-19 brought along loads of changes and issue, especially to the business sector. However, I believe that during this pandemic, some brands took the opportunity to strengthen their firm, to the point where consumers felt even more connected and attached. We have never been consuming so much media. Henceforth, companies are investing loads of money to boost eyeballs needs. Online advertising and digital marketing has become a vitality to maintain…

The Ultimate Strategic Content Creation: Emotional Marketing

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Photo by Prateek Katyal on Unsplash

“I want my products and services to sell; let everyone know that we have a new product on the market which is, by far, the best amongst our competitors. Let’s show our customers that we are the best brand in the sector!” Such words are commonly expressed by CEOs, company directors and brand managers to their respective marketing and design team in order to create strategic content to be used for the sales campaign. However, the vast majority of these brands or companies are so focused on a fast selling process that they…

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UTTERLY SURREAL! The whole world just froze. The Covid-19 outbreak had an impressive impact on the globe: environment, manufacturing, tourism, hospitality and travel to name a few. Our present situation is no joke; it’s a serious concern.

We are constantly bombarded with visuals of how worldwide citizens are attempting to cope in such stressful and troubled moments. Stability has been disrupted, and brought loads of discomfort. Not knowing how this pandemic will play out is heavily affecting us.

Luigi Rizzo

I’m Luigi and I’m a digital visual designer based in Malta. I mainly specialise in branding, graphic design, social media, content marketing, and photography.

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