I’m 31 & Finally Got Woke About My Own Sexual Harassment
Erin Klabunde

I don’t wanna sound terrible, but your bad experiences with a bad part of the world are minimal and your mind is sheltered. There are terrible people out there in the world, not just men. I’ve had terrible, traumatic experiences in life thanks to other people, and it wasn’t something so minimal as some douchebag saying “woah, nice ass” and I am a man. There are some sick people hiding around every corner, and rotten personalities, but for god’s sake, please do not belittle the meaning of sexual abuse. You have NOT been sexually abused by facing unsavory people who have told you hurtful things. It’s people like you that make it hard for us actual victims to be have our voice be heard. Get out there in the world, and stop living in a fantasy… people are horrible, men, women, AND children.

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