Living in the present, we highlight information as the basic element of humanity’s daily life, with it we do research, acquire knowledge, issue opinions, analyse and make decisions.

In an increasingly digitalized world, it reaches us through mobile technologies, and imposes the need to have digital literacy, which should not be seen as a barrier, but rather a window of opportunity that is intended to serve human beings, regardless of age, race or gender.

In this opening note I will address the theme of, “COVID-19 and DIGITAL”, with the pandemic event, technology became part of the new normal of life in society in roles as daily work activity, educational activity and other aspects of daily life has undergone transformations that they may have an irreversible character, new routines and new habits have emerged due to the strength of the pandemic, redirecting society between the walls, whose interaction with the outside has been directed to digital, as an interaction tool to the world.

Network life, a new model of society

There are several areas where digital has played an important role in the continuity of daily life, I will refer later some of the areas where the presence of digital has been having a real importance for the new normal that the current pandemic imposes, without ceasing to highlight the technological leap that will be from this moment onwards, a step forward for a new stage of life as a whole, socially and technologically.

See you soon

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