This article really his the home run of ironies. I think that with over 25 years experience in the tech field especially in the programming field I can start calling myself an experienced developer, programmer or what have you. However, after just getting fired for, as you suggest, being humble and asking question of my project resources and being told that I asked too many help question, I now know for sure that 25 years experience don’t make you an expert developer and being humble and asking questions is the kiss of death in the consulting field. what I also have found out is that all the books in the world don’t help when you have a non-technical PM in your ass thinking that he or she know better than you and therefore you need to finish your project when they say even though you tell the time is too short and agile 2 week sprints only make matters worst. so in the end, we’re all novices and can consider ourselves lucky if we can put 2 lines of code together and make them work.