A Response To PHP- The Wrong Way
Jon LeMaitre

I confess I didn’t read this text entirely. I read like the first 40% of it, and then I just skimmed it down.

In occasions you go like “who is the one doing this?” or “does that mean I could do that?”. And you will fail to understand PHP The Wrong Way, if you look at it this way.

You want names. There won’t be no names. Do names matter? I mean, if they said “Mr. John Smith from QWERT Company does this”, it wouldn’t change the fact that the author is talking about behaviors and thoughts, whilst not applicable to every single PHP developer, are easily found in companies and community at large.

For example, I have two guys in my mind, they lead two different projects I’ve worked on, for different companies, who firmly were against frameworks, instead they’d rather reinvent the wheel. They don’t know each other. They didn’t want to have to learn something knew, or perhaps they felt comfortable in their boxes. Do I have to put here their names, or the companies I was working for at the time? What difference would that make?

If you never came across programmers that, even though there are several tools for their problems, they prefer to go their way, I would say that YOU are the exception here. I bet then you’ve worked with several good people, keep it this way. Reality out here is rather different.

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