Learn essential Artificial Intelligence concepts from AI experts like Peter Norvig and Sebastian Thrun, including search, optimization, planning, pattern recognition, and more!

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What an incredible time of discovery and innovation this is! For the first time in history, we are pushing computer technology forward to the point where computers can develop abilities on par with humans — they can play complex games, accurately analyze and categorize images, and even understand spoken language.

For anyone interested in the history and future of Artificial Intelligence, the advances being made right now are simply astonishing. Best of all, more and more people are entering the field, bringing with them diverse perspectives, unique backgrounds, and powerful commitments to improving our world.

Becoming a successful Artificial Intelligence practitioner means mastering the historical foundations of the field, even as you pursue the most future-facing possibilities. Every AI expert is grounded in the same core set of skills and techniques, and it’s critical you learn these fundamentals as you build your AI career. …

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Natural Language Processing (NLP) represents one of the great technological breakthroughs in all of human history. For the first time, computers are developing the ability to understand human language as we speak it, and the implications are staggering.


As a democratizing influence, it’s almost impossible to conceive of the potential impact Natural Language Processing can have. Think of all the valuable information there is housed on the world’s computers, and then consider how difficult it has historically been for most people to access that information. Using NLP, accurate and meaningful information extraction becomes as simple as asking a question.


As a unifying force, Natural Language Processing has the ability to connect people and cultures in remarkable ways, because it can be used to solve formidable translation challenges. Imagine representatives from different countries hammering out global initiatives at the political table, able to rely on Natural Language Processing to ensure accurately translated communication in real time! …

I’m a curriculum developer for the at Udacity. Given our promise to students that they’ll always be learning the most valuable and the most cutting-edge skills, it’s incumbent upon me to always be looking for ways to upgrade our content. …


Luis Serrano

Curriculum lead at the Artificial Intelligence Team at Udacity. Previously a software engineer at Google (YouTube), and a PhD in Mathematics.

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