Sometimes, forcing all traffic through HTTPS cannot be done via server configurations. That is the case when Heroku is being used.

That’s where redirecting traffic programatically comes in. While using Node.js + Express, there are some small configurations that can be set in order to make it work properly.


Basketball, even more social :)

Cavylabs, alongside with Basquete Cearense’s player Felipe Ribeiro, recently released Basketfy, an application that makes playing basketball a more social experience.

The team has been working for about a year, mapping courts all over Brazil. Two weeks ago, the application has been released for the Android platform. It also will be released for the iOS platform soon.

Besides adding, finding and rating courts, users can also post comments and activities, interacting between them. Moreover, the app also has an exclusive news feed, and it is linked to the main Brazilian basketball leagues, both amateur and professional.

New functionalities will be added in the near future. Stay tuned!


As of now, I'm working on a Ruby gem project. It's a wrapper for a brazilian payment gateway SOAP API called Accesstage, and since it will be my first (useful) open-source code, I'm pretty excited and motivated.

Since I had to learn how to create gems, I had to do…

Robot Rock!

After a long long (long) night, I understood how iOS interacts with Twitter's Single Sign-On.

Actually, it turns out that you have to use a Twitter account that's already registered on your cellphone. I might be wrong, but that's what I've understood about the process so far.

As I've figured…

(A.K.A. my first iOS app!)

Hello, all. My name is Luis Daher and I'm a developer from São Paulo, Brazil.

As I'm on vacation, I've decided to develop my first iOS app (learning Objective-C and some product development in the process).

The app purpose is quite simple, actually: it "reads" your twitter timeline and "speaks" your latest tweets aloud. Thus, I've decided to call it… the Tweet Parrot (and I know it's a lame name :P ).

I've started to document the process in a blog, so I'd be able to track my daily progress now and learn from my experiences later on. Also, I hope that keeping it public would help people who will go through the same scenario I'm facing right now.

Well, I hope that you like the content.



Luis Daher

Entrepreneur - Music Lover - Geek

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