Intro: Fashion Potluck

My name is Luis and I have been an entrepreneur for most of my professional life, over 10 years of creating, learning, and realizing that we can all make a difference on how society functions, from the bigger things to some of its details. All have risks, some are easier (by luck), and all of the attempts in engaging change or starting something new will always, independent of the outcome, result in learning and living life outside of the comfort zone.

I am creating this blog mainly to talk about my current project, Fashion Potluck ( ) and the challenges that I see in content creation for the women’s fashion, beauty, and lifestyle sector in the Internet. It is my belief that fashion is all around us, it represents the expression of ourselves, our environment, frustrations, aspirations, and current societal paradigms.

There are two fundamental aspects when it comes to online content in the fashion, beauty, and lifestyle sectors: the mainstream and the alternative or change-seeking content. It is my view that both have a place. However, mainstream as per the definition of the word, implies a certain domination of “space”. Or as Merriam-Webster would state, a prevailing current or direction of activity or influence. This usually ends up meaning a lot of model aspiring women, who follow not only the tall and thin body types, but also cater to the dominant brands in the market. It implies on blog after look-alike blog of traditional magazine emulations. Again, I believe this is fine. All the mainstream investment and creativity has produced some awesome products.

However, it is (or should be) the nature of the Internet to allow for inclusiveness, to give or pragmatically attempt to give equal space to all to express their fashion and beauty sense. We all wear clothes, fix our hair, listen to music, like to date, and are attracted to esthetics. It is part of being sensual, fun, expressive, human.

Content creators need a place that will give them equal access, from the expert, to the day-to-day lover of fashion, to the woman who simply wants to express herself and share. Fashion Potluck is a project that has as its main goal to welcome women content creators into being part of a community that is dedicated to the subject. Channel bags can be really stylish and need to be included. The other smaller brand names or even self-made purses also should have their space, an audience, and hey, why not, also allow for the making of a descent income.

Let’s keep at it and as always, baby steps, always improving, and with the help of users and contributors, the sky is the limit.

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