It’s finally 2018 , and it’s time to take action.

First of all, Happy new year to the person who is reading this, I hope you had a great time with your family and friends, but it’s time to face new challenges and start to innovate with great ideas.

Through out this week I’ve been proposing my self new challenges and also new technology to learn. I also want to test new ideas and develop better apps. I’m going to make a quick summary about all of this so you can check it out.


In 2017, React was one of the most popular libraries used in web development, it was also used to build native mobile apps (React native) and let me tell you, if you haven’t tried it, you should do it now, the way it renders it own components inside the virtual DOM can be efficient and provided a better experience for the client side. I got the chance to learn a lot about react and this year I’ll be trying out new libraries like redux and also build new web apps using the flux architecture .I’ll be posting my personal experience in learning these new front end tools, you should totally check them and start right away.


Even thought python has been around here for a few years in this industry, many people haven’t learn this incredible language, including my self. That’s why I propose myself to start learning python and catch up as fast as possible.

Build apps with machine learning

Machine learning is taking over the world, and it’s time to learn the fundamentals, with the power of AI we can build incredible apps and really make a great impact with an impressive functionality. I library a really want to try is Tensor Flow Lite. Building neural networks can be extremely difficult at first, but we can get the hang of it by practicing and studying a lot. in the other hand we have an IOS version and also we have machine core . As you can see we have so many options, there are so many areas to apply this so now its the time for action.

“Speeches are for campaigning, now its the time for action”- Evil Morty

Start sharing knowledge with other people.

Through out these years of programming I think it’s time to start making tutorials and great courses so other people can start learning. You should definitely try it. start uploading videos in YouTube, talk about topics that aren’t actually mentioned a lot and get into that area, try to be unique and improve your personal brand, we can do it.

Never stop learning.

Remember that learning is something we always have to do every day, it doesn’t have to be about technology, but learning is a truly strong weapon, that’s all for today, thank you for your attention!