Can we do movies like we do startups?

A random question, to a serious business.

Well, in short, no. Not exactly the same, duh.

But now, let’s stop and think about what this implies. I’m not saying we should march on and just make a movie on a weekend. That’s probably not a good way to have a movie. At least not a quality one.

What I am saying though is, what if we got a bunch of people together that are interested in making a movie and work for say, 4–8 weekends. And get an end product that is definitely worthy of the title of “movie”. Perhaps a short, is more likely but you get the idea. Now, there’s a thought.

Yes, yes. I can hear you saying, “a movie is not something you can just ‘throw’ together. How dare you!” I’m not advocating we do that. I’m totally willing to be flexible on the time, but what I’m saying is, let’s try and get out a deliverable in the minimum possible time, with the minimum possible people (a.k.a. skeleton crew). Why wouldn’t that be feasable?

I am unsure whether this has been done before, or if it is plausible, but I’m very interested in it and definitely interested in trying it on for size. So, I’ll be looking to make it happen.

If you are also interested and in NYC, feel free to hit me up on Twitter or email me.