Hey…wanna read my screenplay?

No, seriously…

I have an outline of a story I’ve been working on for a while now. Ideally the pilot of a series. If you’d like to read it hit me up on Twitter.

About a year or so ago, I decided I wanted to make a movie. I figured I would need to start with the basics. A script. I did what anybody would, I Googled: “Screenplay example”. And then I got confused.

Turns out it’s not just sitting and writing, there’s a lot more to it. You could also do a pitch, an outline, a treatment. Some would say you need those and some would say: “meh, whatever works for you”. I am sure of one thing though, the story has to be good. But then you get into a subjective territory and it’s complicated.

So I taught myself more about writing. Reading books, screenplays, watching analysis and even joining a coursera class about Filmmaking. It’s an amazing world, let me tell you.

So after reading that and having an idea, I thought, “cool now let’s write!” but, how many pages is a script? Turns out it’s roughly 1 page per minute. So you need about 120 (give or take a couple).
One advice is constant though, “writing is rewriting.” Having heard of people who would literally come up with a script in 24hours I thought that surely that wasn’t for me.

Boy was I mistaken!

So after all of this I already had a few vague ideas of what I wanted and I begun writing. And writing. And writing. And then, rewriting. And again, and again.

I ended up with a 15 pages script.

“It’s ok”, I thought, “I only want a web series”. Which is what I thought was conceivably the most realistic thing to do. Turns out I only had 15 pages because I had (as my reviewers from “The Black List” would say) “underdeveloped characters and too much exposition”. So, I started working on this.

After many things went on in my life and after learning more about what I’m trying to do, I rewrote again and ended up with an outline and a ~40-page long screenplay. Which is just fine, because I want it to be the pilot of a series. Not a movie.

So now I’m thinking. What should I do to get this done, and more importantly, is it good enough?

I’ll probably rewrite some more, but I’m in this for the long haul. It’s ok if this one isn’t “the one” really. I have a few other ideas I’m tinkering with and I’m open to new ones.

It’s all about the experience!

I’ve created a world with rich, interesting characters and tried to get it done with little-to-no exposition. I hope I’m hooking you since the very first page and that you experience the suspense and character growth alongside the story. Now what I need is…your feedback.

So, do you want to read my story?

Edit: I know have a 51-page script. So, wanna read it?