Let Me Point out to you How Ridiculous the Trump Tech Meeting Was
Mark Suster

When you read about, for example, the corruption and nepotism of certain African leaders and their clans who have taken over the government and riches of their countries at the expense of their own people, it’s hard to miss the telling signs of something just like it unfolding very rapidly in the US for the world to see.

To deny the blatant nepotism of the Trump clan is either cynical or naive — can’t tell which one is more dangerous.

Here’s a glimpse of what’s very likely in store for the US under Trump’s rule for the years to come:

To Mark’s point of Trump’s children having no business at that table, consider this:

The eldest daughter of Angola’s President, Jose Eduardo dos Santos, Isabel dos Santos got her start in business at age 24 by using her father’s influence to corner lucrative state contracts. Keeps close ties with Portugal. Kento Holding, a Maltese-registered investment firm she fully owns, holds a 10% stake in Zon Multimedia, a Portuguese media conglomerate.

It’s pretty hard to miss the parallels of the level of power and influence that Ivanka alone is poise to gain during her father’s rule.

The beauty of articles like this is that they are putting the finger at a very sore point, one that the US has criticized of many other countries in the world.

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