Choose a career is not an easy decision for young people, and I wasn´t the exception, because of the lack of orientation and self-confidence. At the beginning of the course I was confused about what I really want to do with my life, I always thought “This is not for me” or am I good enough to be a teacher? And to be honest my teachers didn´t motivate me, due to they were trapped in old methods and rigid classes, making me feel hopeless.

Everything changed when I took methods and approaches´ class, because I could see a different face of being a teacher, the human part. Professor Mora taught us to see beyond the students, communicating personal interest in pupils by calling us by our names, asking questions during the class and talking about topics that we know were interested about. He taught us that taking care of the students and looking after their interest and needs is the very reason for the existence of the teachers.

In this class the professor found the way to turn into funny activities, metaphors and analogies, concepts that could be difficult to understand. For example, we made a slam poem, an excellent activity to write about what we feel, expressing our emotions and sharing them with our classmates, it also educated ourselves by becoming critics of social issues.

On the other hand, motivate students to learn is the most important lesson that this class has left me. Teachers need to know how to implement teaching techniques and strategies that promote effective learning and understand that is essential to keep students motivate, in order to achieve the best learning results as possible.

As a conclusion, I can say that this class changed the way in which I see my career, I have learned to love what I am studying and that is enough to keep studying to become an excellent teacher.

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