Competence in social media

Please realize this world is all about answering a question for the user/ client of your product/service.

what’s in it for me?

And also people more and more often than anytime in the mankind history are been distracted by anyone else trying to take their attention away from you!

So in this crazy world how do I pass my message forward?

1. Learn.

Different tools different purposes

Not all platforms are made or used by the consumer for the same purpose. While you may like to market, do customer service, post pictures, videos & all your smart stuff in the same social media platform. Don’t!

2. Speak the truth

You never know who’s listening

So if you try to present yourself like a super star about something, go there and build something by yourself before acting like an expert.

3. Entertain

I learn from Jason Russell at an invisible children speech that the worst sin of a storyteller is to be boring. And I know that we all are not made to be at a stand up comedy forum. But we all should learn how to keep the attention of our audience. Take special care if you are gonna be in front of a camera. Understand that your message may be good but you may suck at sharing it, and it won’t pass through

4. Be there

Nothing worst than an update that generates engagement without you there to respond to the user 2 mins after you send it. So if you’re looking for the perfect timing to post (which I’m not against) be sure you or someone (with the knowledge)in your staff is there.

5. Care / be nice

People like it when you do something nice for them. They don’t remember what you say but do remember how you make them feel. Your universe should create comfort for the user. They should know you are there for them, not for you, your pocket or your stock value interests.

6. Practice Practice Practice.

Nothing will work at first

If you ever take a PD training with Robin Sharma. You’ll learn that mastering your craft is not matter of days or even months. The 10 years of anonymity is what took most of the Titans in this world. 10 yeaaaaaarsssss? You say well in 10 years you’ll be 10 years older ANYWAY! So stop whining and get to it now.

Just as Gary Vaynerchuk says. Entrepreneurship requires patience

So my dear entrepreneur friend let’s go and be at service to the people. Only then we can aim to change some people’s life

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See you around

Luis Belaunzaran