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In order to deal with the pandemic crisis, it would be essential to have quality, undisputed information about the disease: its etiology, its pathogenesis, its spreading patterns, its symptoms, its treatments and its aftermaths.

As we know, it is not yet available and this lack of knowledge is what pushes Covid19 impact out of hospital rooms and wards to our houses, offices, factories, public areas and means of transportation…

Such tremendous wide-range impact affects all levels from the individual and familiar circle to international policy and economy agenda builders.

There are too many agents involved, with different understandings of the situation, interests and motivations; the discussions range from the origin of the virus itself to the emersion of a maybe total different global order.

Not a single thought in those issues is consensually agreed upon. Rather, almost every one of them has fallen into the large boiling cauldron of public opinion, heated by passion from a fire fuelled by lack of information and fanned and stoked by economic and political interests.

In that turmoil scenario, decision making processes are clearly and unavoidably jeopardized. From global and national public health and economy guidelines and strategies to everyday common people activities.

Right from the start, central governments should have taken the lead role in disseminating information to their populations, providing it in a clear, technically and scientifically grounded, thoughtful, unambiguous, uniform and, above all, politically exempt manner.

For this, however, to take place, it would have been necessary to dialogue, listen and take into account divergent points of view throughout the process.

The less the space for civilized and democratic exchange of ideas, the more the themes will become polarized and politicized, which is only good for those who want to take advantage of the moment to carry out political maneuvers.

Democracy seems to me the only way to contour the lack of information that is jeopardizing our decisions.

People with different ideas should not confront but rather admit that neither side has the necessary information to take better decisions for the majority of the population whilst preserving the interests of the minorities.

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Born in '67, before AIDS and Covid 19. Currently wondering what to do with the rest of my life...

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