Important Facts About Cataracts Due To Continual Low Dose Radiation Exposure

Individuals who work in radiology must wear protective gear to prevent health issues that stem from frequent exposure to radiation. In addition to wearing body aprons, individuals must also wear reliable laser safety glasses, which help to prevent cataracts. Read the information below to learn important facts about cataracts that are caused from continual exposure to low dose radiation.

How Cataracts Affect Vision

Frequent exposure to low dose radiation, when protective lab glasses aren’t worn, causes irregular cell production in the eyes. When this occurs, the lens becomes cloudy, which causes a person’s vision to suffer. Once the lens becomes cloudy, individuals often experience blurry vision because the light that enters the lens is blocked.

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It often takes many years before cataracts develop in the eyes, but once they appear, they won’t go away on their own. Cataracts are a common eye issue in older adults and individuals who are subjected to low dose radiation have a much greater risk of contracting cataracts at some point in their lives.

Symptoms Of Cataracts

In addition to blurry vision, individuals who have cataracts will experience other symptoms as well. These include difficulty seeing in the dark, double vision, observing halos around lights and a noticeable fading of colors. Without treatment, the cataracts will continue to get worse and eventually individuals with this condition will lose their sight.

Treatment and Prevention of Cataracts

The only treatment option to permanently remove the cataracts from the eyes is through a surgical procedure. Some individuals may find it helpful to wear prescription glasses or use a magnifying glass when reading during the first stages before the cataracts get too bad.

The best way to prevent the onset of cataracts is to wear protective leaded glasses when working around low dose radiation. Protective eye wear is available in many designs and colors so individuals don’t have to forgo style. Individuals who must wear protective eye glasses throughout their work day soon discover the lasting comfort of today’s safety eye wear.

Individuals can also enjoy multiple features and options when selecting their eye wear including adjustable frames, lightweight form, scratch resistant lenses and peripheral protection. Individuals can also purchase eye wear that’s available with a warranty in case the glasses must be replaced.

Medical professionals who need reliable and affordable safety glasses to protect their eyes from cataracts due to damaging radiation can contact Kemper Medical. This distribution company provides affordable radiology products including protective eye wear, aprons, x ray markers and medical supplies.

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There are also many types of medical equipment and supplies, however, that play extremely important roles while bearing much smaller price tags.

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