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Personal growth benefits business

We often hear that success comes at a great price, and this price is usually a mix between a loss of inner peace, anxiety, perhaps some depression, and wrecking burnouts.

High performers know what I am talking about.

If you excel at what you do, whatever it is, it is very likely that you have experienced any of these to some extent. The stress of staying in the game is latent and there is always a price to pay.

The thing is, it doesn’t need to be this price. We don’t need to sacrifice our inner peace and succumb to anxiety and depression to have success.

One of the paths to this kind of freedom is in the investment in our personal development as individuals, which is what we are regardless of all circumstances in our lives.

We are individuals in different contexts, we are persons being professionals, mothers, fathers, friends.

In business, the individual is the smallest unit of measurement of success. If a company has empowered individuals, it is more likely to succeed.

Individuals form teams, which combined form companies.

You get the point.

When we invest in our growth, we inevitably change all dynamics around us because personal growth helps us connect with a higher sense of self-appreciation, self-awareness, and self-love.

These three ingredients are keys to a robust life lived in balance. When we invest and master our appreciation, awareness, and love about ourselves, we inevitably change our surroundings because what is around us is simply a reflection of our inner state.

I am sure that you have had times where you wake up feeling angry for no apparent reason, and then the whole day every single thing annoys you, everyone is coming at you like never before, nothing seems to click.

The same thing has also happened to you but in a different way. You wake up in bliss and the whole day runs smoothly, you’re the star, everyone smiles at you, life is good, everything floats and glides in your presence.

The external is simply a reflection of your inner state.

When we invest in personal growth as individuals, we become better persons and therefore, managers, and leaders. We have better vision, better click with the team, we make better decisions, we are more equanimous.

The reason this happens is because when we grow as individuals we grow in all facets of our lives.

Our self-appreciation, self-awareness and self-love are non-contextual.

Deep change doesn’t know the invisible barriers of mental context.

We change the unit (the individual) and this changes in all contexts it is put into. As a manager, father, mother, friend.

This leads to better understanding of our team, understanding of their capacities and areas of development and we can operate from a place of compassion and support for their own growth because we are growing ourselves.

You may be thinking, yes, this can happen, but what about all the stress and difficulty that are inherent about work and relationships in the workplace?

They will still be there, but our relationship to these will change. This is why it is important to remember the power individual change.

We approach all inevitable aspects of our lives with harmony, therefore, we are not bound to anxiety, depression, and the loss of inner peace.

Being successful at work does not need to equate to being miserable in life.

No matter how many successful people you have read about, no matter how many examples out there prove the contrary, success does not equal personal misery.

It may be normal, but it is not ok. Being normal does not mean that it is ok. War is normal, but is it ok?

When we look at real successful people, those who have mastered the art of personal growth, we see their struggle but we also notice their harmony with which they go through life. It isn’t a forced balance, it is an inner bliss that radiates outside.

Personal growth is a process, like everything, and approaching it with patience is the only recipe for success.

A great approach to start is to create a routine that enables us to connect with ourselves in moments of quietness. Guided meditation is a great and in my opinion, very important element. It help us cultivate self-awareness to then have the perspective to appreciate ourselves just as we are right now, and love ourselves for it, so we may change.

You can read more about meditation in this post I wrote.

The first thing we must remember is that self-acceptance is one of the key elements to deep growth. Self-acceptance is nurtured with self-awareness, and once we develop self-acceptance, many amazing realizations fall into place.

Another great way to kick off personal growth is to seek content that inspires us, makes us question our lives, and then apply what we learn, consciously.

We can do this through books, audiobooks, podcasts that talk about human development. Personal favorites podcasts include Aubrey Marcus Podcast, Tony Robbins Podcast, Tim Ferris Podcasts.

A great book that talks about human improvement is The 5am Club by Robin Sharma. This gem tells us how to create habits and routine where we cultivate our mind, our soul, our health, and our hearts. The whole deal.

The process of personal improvement and growth is rewarding. The result of this mastery is inner peace, bliss and success in all areas of our lives.

Yes, it seems to be an utopia. The only way to find out is to see for yourself.

What are you waiting for?

Luis Arreaza

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