Brutal Changes

The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result.

Change hurts. It drives you out of your comfort zone. It mess with your certainties and beliefs. Every change have the potential to be a very difficult process for everyone involved in it.

Evolution comes from change. The definition of Evolution is "Evolution is change in the heritable characteristics of populations over successive generations."

So, in order to evolve, change is necessary. Change is painful. So it is evolution.

Many of the feedbacks that changed my behaviour, and my life, for better came with tears. Tears of anger, frustration and fear. After the pain fades, comes the realization that a change is needed. Then a long journey trying to change it and the certainty that for a long time it will be something that I will have to be conscious about. But this is evolution. Leave behind a bad habit or behaviour and adopt a different stance.

So, if we can agree that change is good, even when it comes with a deal of pain, why are we so reluctant to promote real change ? Why do we endure stressful situations for a false sense of comfort ?

What would you choose ? Give a feedback to someone who's behaviour is damaging a team and risk upset the person or maybe a political situation or, accept the damage the person is doing to the team, even with the risk of loosing other people or even compromising the project?

Many times we create the illusion that not changing something will not cause aggravations, but it does. Postpone a problem in the hope it will solve itself rarely has a different outcome than a larger problem

This is why companies that achieve transparency in all levels and lower hierarchy are normally places where good professionals like to work. This kind of place is not problem free, but in case of a problem, they know they will be able to discuss it openly, without resorting to shady politics and veiled influence. This is true empowerment, when you can tell anyone your opinion and when anyone can tell you their opinion knowing that this will generate improvement and not drama.

So where to start ?

Start by embrace difficult conversations instead of avoiding it.

Start by listening to what people have to say without taking it personally.

Be bold to question the things you believe are wrong. Be humble to truly listen to other people views. Be honest to admit that your answer might not be the right one, specially because many times, there is no single right answer. Be brave to move on, whenever you feel like you don't belong.

Follow your beliefs, but allow it to change as well. This is Evolution.