Fermat Core Values

All we do is to empower people.

It is not robots,

It’s not machines,

It’s not algorithms,

It is not things,


It is not companies,

It is not states,

the most important is people,

people like you and me.

* * *

In a world where jobs are stolen,

by AI agents and automation,

we empower humans beings,

so that they can become the center.


Companies have us trapped on the web,

and private social networks of people,

even things now have their own Internet,

we fight back with the Internet of People.

* * *

State mass surveillance is widespread,

before we end up in desperation,

We propose a new idea:

device to device communication.


Some of them had grown too big,

and their power became a risk,

you just need one crazy guy,

and we might all just disappear.

* * *

We are not against companies,

we are not against states,

we understand they are important,

but sometimes, they are just a middlemen.

* * *

We give people the freedom to choose,

whether to use fiat or cryptocurrency,

whether to store it at a bank or by themselves,

that’s how we help in this story.


We give people the chance to interact Person to Person,

over electronic means,

but just like in the old days,

any business we do, stays just between you and me.


We give people sovereignty over their data,

they can sell it if they wish,

we provide a global marketplace,

they just need to sit and wait for the money to come in.

* * *

At the Internet of People we run our servers,

we store our data and run our apps.

If you are thinking about spying us,

All I can tell you is good luck with that.

* * *

If a company wants us to consume their ads,

They have to pay us.

If a company wants mine our data,

They have to pay us.


If we want to find some people,

It is free for us,

If we want to connect with someone,

It is free for us.

* * *

We stand for decentralized mining,

and a democratic blockchain,

where all stakeholders are considered,

and the rewards ease all their pains.


We don’t care about hashing power,

we don’t waste precious energy,

we don’t use specialized hardware,

our miners are humans beings.

* * *

The revolution already started,

so you’d better choose your side,

either you are with machines, things or entities,

or you are human as I am.


In our future we are the rulers,

and machines are to serve all men,

things, states and companies at our service,

as it always should have been.

* * *

We are building the Internet of People,

we are enabling the Person to Person Economy,

we will create a better future,

we don’t care if you think we are crazy.


Thanks to Amado Charlé for the editing, Jeremy Epstein for the guidance and the broader Fermat Community for the last minute review.