Hello there, unknown internet reader. Welcome to my corner!

I'm starting this page in an attempt to put on words my programming ventures.

First, a little bit about me: I'm a 27 year old guy from Portugal with a strong interest in technology. I finished my Msc degree on computer engineering at IST, Lisbon in 2012 and started working at a medium sized company in projects mainly related with the financial sector. Fast forward 2,5 years I was starting to be turned off and disinterested of both the technology used and the projects I took part in, really feeling that I wasn't growing and learning any more. By that time I was already doing some personal projects on my free time (on node.js and angular mainly) and also started to be interested on mobile development. Thus, I decided to quit that job and take some time to gather my thoughts, learn something new and fulfilling and pursue new goals.

Right now I'm mainly focused on Swift development and so will be this page but who knows what the future might bring…

The next couple of post will focus on how I approached Swift, some apps that I already developed and from there I'll talk about specifies of the language, difficulties (and solutions!) that I encountered and so on.

Hope you'll enjoy reading it as much as I think I'll enjoy writing it and that we both learn something from it!

PS: My GitHub profile!

PS2: I also run a parallel blog where I review fresh movies (the ones I thoroughly enjoyed, most likely :P). Be sure to check that one also.