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You have a point. Change is not easy, that is why it is so amazing to do it. It is about determination. We are slaves of our bad habits, you do not break the chains of your imperfections, changing a complete routine, just deciding one day that it is going to be different.

Probably the problem of this fat women is the lack of self-confidence, the entire world is telling her that she is not worthy because she is obese, and looking at her saying that she will never be skinny. People, like you and me, is judging her with no mercy. Change is not easy because people don’t give a shit about her circumstances, and a lot of people is alone fighting; and it is a tough fight.

But you know what? It is not about being skinny or fat, smart or dummy, strong or weak… life is about being happy. So let me ask you this, where is happiness?

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