How to Accept When Things Don’t Go Your Way

By: Luis G. Montalvan @LuisG1812

Imagine yourself living the best (ideal) day of your life. You wake up, your house is clean, and the kids had their breakfast and are on their way to school. You have all day to work on your kick-ass projects — — that are also very well paid for and respected on your community. It’s all super cool and I know the definition of a perfect day might vary amongst different demographics but being respected for your creative work and being paid appropriately for it sounds cool. It just doesn’t sound real sometimes, and that’s ok.

Being an entrepreneur has been the hipster equivalent to being a businessman (or lady) for a while now and millennials love it. I’m pretty sure I love it. Being an entrepreneur is like being a Rock Star! Except your gigs are meetings and your fans are your users but it does have a certain appeal and just as rock stars, being an entrepreneur requires effort and the willingness to accept that things won’t always go your way.

The Beatles were turned down by their first record label, The Sex Pistols first gig was shut off before they finished their set and Dave Mustaine was fired off Metallica before they made it big (thanks mostly to Mustaine awesome guitar riffs). Obviously things weren’t going according to plan and I’m pretty sure those entire artist were very motivated and passionate but as we all know, poop happens. That’s natural; in math they call it “Regression to the Mean”. I named it “Poop Reaction Time” or PRT.

PRT is the time when you need to deal with problems that you thought wouldn’t occur but it’s also one of the main catalysts of creativity out there. Forget yoga, meditation or positive thinking techniques that will get you a house. There is nothing more awesome than PRT to motivate you and get you going.

Positive thinking is a great way to approach life but it’s certainly not very practical. The world doesn’t react to our feelings. All that yoga and meditation would definitely have a positive impact on how you perceive reality but it won’t accomplish much if it’s not match with action. Yuppies give way to spiritual snobs and still as soon as something (or someone) doesn’t match your ideological approach to life you will snap, at least a little I assume.

Thus life shouldn’t be approached with an emotional bias. Of course, that doesn’t mean we should all be Machiavellian A-holes with each other but we should rather enjoy our PRT and make the best out of it.