CMS Content Consolidation, Clean, and Migration Services

Are you looking to migrate your web portal to a better CMS? We offer services to consolidate, clean and migrate your dynamic website content to your preferred new CMS, with guaranteed no data loss.”

Mobiloitte for Monetizing your Web Portal

We allow your application modernization, bringing it to advanced CMS platform.

Automated Migration

Migrate from old site to new one with our expert assistance having years of experience in API access, code writing for transfer, third party tool integration etc.

Manual Migration

We provide cleanup of your content with our intensive, exhaustive, flexible hand migration methodologies for making sure the data and content is bug free.

Partially Automated

We blend-in right mixture of automation tools and manual techniques for your content transfer to save time, resources with efficiency.

Mobiloitte have years of experience in streamlining transition of client’s existing product portfolio to improve effectiveness, reduce complex and time consuming efforts, and provide solution that can be operated by clients themselves.

For significant project result we ensure to keep quality of the content and old data, as key elements. We strategically access existing application portfolio and formulate business case for transformation by developing master plan for migration effectively.

Having experience on migrating CMS on all major platforms, we believe in delivering end products with all required existing functionalities and new one desired by clients.

Mobiloitte’s Migration Approach and Strategy:

  • Achieve resource reorganization and recondition enterprise data to restructure site
  • Sustainable products with more flexibility, features and availability of continuing support.
  • Managing scenarios, such as product shutdown upgrade which doesn’t fit-in with current business needs
  • Mapping and redirection of old URLs to SEO friendly URLs for efficient performance
  • Our expert consultation ensures that client’s infrastructure meets technical specifications of new content management system
  • Complete training for clients is provided for efficient and effective use of new system
  • Integrate social networks e.g. Facebook, Twitter and YouTube for multi-channel marketing, for improved market growth
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