Basketball All-Star Player DJ Johnson This Generation’s Micheal Jordan.

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DJ Johnson aka Iamdjjohnson on the court.

The next Micheal Jordan.

DJ Johnson is one of the world's best all-star players making big moves into overseas basketball. For a decade and a half, he's been beating up the court. He’s been called this generation’s Micheal Jordan.

Not only is an amazing all-star player but he helps out local community sporting kids and training them to get to the next level. The community and DJ’s family are proud of his next moves and they should be. He’s one of the only players in the game to have the dedication need.

Recently he’s been approached by sports agents to take over to possible Italy or the U.K. DJ is weighing all his options before signing any contracts. So agents feel free to contact him maybe you can get this game-changer on your court.

Flying High Above the Challenges.

When asked whats the hardest thing you have had to deal with and how did you overcome it?

“During fall 2019 I went through a difficult time in my basketball career as a junior in college.” “ I had experienced a concussion right before the season started.” “ And because of this, I felt like my basketball career was over, but thank God for healing and helping me overcome this dramatic part of my career.” “ You must stay believing in yourself and always have faith.”

Secrets to his amazing basketball success.

When asked whats the secret to your massive success how can others reach massive goals like you?

“ I would tell them always remain the humble go to every class workout 3 times a day, it doesn’t matter how late it is.” “Always work harder than the next, person doesn’t ever give up on what you’re doing in basketball, don’t be lazy go hard in every drill you do, work on your craft and also play hard as you can until you get can't even move.” “Play hard on both ends of the court that’s what I recommend anyone who wants to be in my shoes to get to the next level.”

The Future of DJ Johnson.

DJ has an amazing fan base that's sure to carry over as he starts to take up overseas basketball. DJ is also a businessman and entrepreneur, with business ventures in the United States and overseas. It’s safe to say that this overseas draft pick has a bright future on and off the court.

To find out more about DJ Johnson aka iamdjjohnson you can find him at these channels: DJ Johnson Instagram

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