Sails.js is a Node.js based web development framework that follows the MVC pattern, with a convention-over-configuration phylosophy. It’s been around since 2013, and I started using by around the end of that year.

Internally, Sails uses some of the modules used by Express.js as well as other modules like Socket.io for easying the use of WebSockets.

Sails gives you a starting point and a set of rules that allows you to be much more productive and not having to take care of all the plumbing behind setting up a site from scratch, specially in Node.js.

It is an opinionated framework, that is, it makes some decisions for you while selecting the tools it offers, but most of them can be overriden if you find out that you don’t like or need this or that feature. …



Father, Technology Advisor, Coder, Inline Skater, Amateur Photographer https://about.me/luislobo

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