Support to Maryna to return with your family!

This page is intended to raise money for Maryna. She went to work in China to raise money for her father. He is seriously ill in a hospital and their family has no money to pay the hospital. Fortunately, her two year old daughter stayed in the Philippines with her family.

She was recruited to work in China by an agent who told her they would provide the visa, travel, housing and training for her new job. Once she arrived in China, she realized the whole thing was a scam. They did not and would not provide a visa. She did not have the money to fly home. So, this organization got her work as a maid in a private home (without a visa) and the pay was far less than they said it would be. Her employers physically beat her and there was no one she could turn to for help. She now had to work six days a week instead of five. She now had to work up to18 hours a day instead of eight. then she met a young Filipino in china, she work singing in an hotels, and talk to your manager. Maryna have the ability to sing, then they used with the condition not receive payment until after 6 months would only give me a place to sleep and some food, had not more options, for two years being extorted by employers and unpaid, They threatened to report her to immigration if she tried to get help. This went on for two years as she was unable to find a way out. We should have raised the money to fly her out but we had no idea how bad things could get.

Unfortunately, Maryna has gotten sick. She began to have headaches and abdominal pain but had to continue working and was not taken to the hospital for help. Since she can no longer work because the pain was too much, her employer fired her. She had no place to sleep and no money to eat. She had to go to immigration for help. She mistakenly believed that someone would understand and help her. This is not to be the case.

She must pay a fine for working two years without a visa and buy a ticket back to the Philippines. The fine is 40,000 RMB which is roughly $5900. A plane ticket from Hong Kong to the Philippines is about $450. She also needs a train ticket and cab or bus fare to get to Hong Kong which is about $200. She’ll need some money for food along and lodging the way for several days is considered about 950 It comes to around $7700 total needed to get her out of the country.

She needs money to pay the fines. They have placed her in a prison where she awaits sentencing. If we can raise enough money to pay the fine and to buy a plane ticket out of China, she can leave. It is well-known that women are raped in these prisons and often disappear. China has a growing market in organ donations. I fear for her life and I’m terrified of them raping her.

Thanks for the prayers and support Help spread the word! If you cannot donate, can you please Share, We are at your mercy and the mercy of the Lord. Any help would be appreciated.