So every year us Americans are used to seeing the coffee cups from Starbucks change from plain white to a holiday themed cup. This year the cups were released as a plain red, with no reference to Christmas at all. This has caused many people to become upset and question why Starbucks would have their cups a plain red this holiday season.

People are accusing Starbucks for removing the Christmas designs and decorations as “removing Christ” from the cups. I honestly don’t see when the tradition of having red cups every winter had anything to do with Christianity or religion in general. Although if that was the case I honestly don’t see why it’s such a big deal or why it is becoming offensive to their consumers.

I think that if having the plain red cups were because they wanted to get rid of the Christian based ideas that Starbucks is actually doing the right thing. I’m not sure if Starbucks is worldwide, but I do know that here in America, Christianity isn’t the only religion people choose to believe. So if that’s their reason, Starbucks is just going in the direction to avoid offending and avoid losing interest of their consumers who are not Christians.

Who ever want’s to boycott Starbucks for this, go ahead but I honestly think they did the right thing. I really hope that they continue to keep their cups a plain red during the holiday season, not only because I have respect for others who choose to follow a different religion, but I also find them more appealing than the rather more child-like Christmas decorated cups.

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