I have been drawing all my life. For many years with ink and paper. Also used started using Wacom tablets as far as 1995. After much back and forth, I use the iPad more than the sketchbook.

Drawing or mark making on paper has something unmistakably magic. Those used to it think that pixels will never be able to replicate that magic. I argue that it’s not about replicating or replacing paper. It’s about thinking of the screen as just another tool.

My iPad Pro 11 inch, protected by a covered with a smart keyboard folio which I customized with two leather pieces glued on it.

The brush or device or paper choice won’t make you draw better

First things first. Whatever your choice of medium is, learn to draw. Doesn’t matter what you use to do it. So many people think there are shortcuts to art making. Not surprising, since many online classes promise to make you a illustrator in a few hours or a movie director…

I met some Brazillian tourists the other day and they asked me for some insight in Tokyo’s hidden gems. I consider Jimbocho (or Jinbochō as it’s often written) a nice fine area to get lost, especially if you like books. I thought it might be worth sharing it here:

Magnif is a lovely small shop in Jimbocho specialised in fashion magazines from the last century.

I recommend going in weekdays, in the weekend some things might be closed. This list will easily fill an afternoon, starting with lunch. Sorry if I miss some names since I am more of an occasional traveller and tend to not care about names but more about the location etc.

Old Soba Place

Mirthe Blussé in Tokyo, february 2016.

An interview with illustrator, designer and artist Mirthe Blussé
Photographed & edited by Luis Mendo

When Lines & Colors go out for a walk

Amsterdam born, Barcelona based Mirthe Blussé is a multi-disciplinary artist. Her illustrative and lively work is full of color and a liberating feeling. We spoke in Tokyo when she came over to collaborate on an art project and hold her exhibition at our beloved Kaisu Gallery.

#LuisInManhattan — Memorias de un viaje con cuaderno de dibujo

Being part of a group exhibition in an Orchard Street gallery and having friends living in Brooklyn and Long Island, I had three excuses to fly over the oceans and pay a visit to Manhattan. All those places are one; the one with the magical name which everyone quickly connects to great movies, wild dreams and legendary stories: New York City.

Luis Mendo

I draw for bread from Tokyo, Japan. You can see my work at www.luismendo.com Also I run creative residence Almost Perfect www.almostperfect.jp

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