Trump Didn’t Start the Fire
Dave Pell

“It was too late to try to convince a swath of voters to trust the very government and media entities their leaders had railed against in a cheap, hypocritical quest for votes at any cost”.

WE know you dislike Trump, Dave Pell..I was just wondering where journalism became so bias. This isn´t just a “quick and entertaining” article. The Mainstream Media was the reason Donald Trump became so popular. First, he is a household name thanks to the MSM and has been for a long time thanks to them…OK? Network ratings go up when they mention Trump, and even more when he is on their shows. So yes they were all for having Trump on and attacking him for the ratings.The lies from the “unemployment figures”, where you don´t count if you can´t find work and stop looking are also a lie…..and the arming of “moderate headchopping rebels” in Aleppo fighting alongside Al-Qaeda…also a lie Do you remember which terrorists commited 911?

Western citizens`thoughts on Syria are agaisnst intervention, you could tell by the comments they leave, telling their MSM outlet the U.S. and allies are supporting terrorism..funding people that the West doesn´t know. Hillary was always covered in good light, ABC, CBS, CNN, NBC, MSNBC, even Fox…a right news channel? FOX was only impartial because FOX is a conservative news network..We all remember Kelly Megyn attacking Trump as she asked the first question in the GOP debate…FOX news anchor….The MainStreamMedia were so full of it and Hillary that they brainwashed themselves and their audience that Hillary was going to take the presideny hands down..…They Brainwashed their audience into being complacent and lying to them that it was in the bag…they did not have to vote…along with all the Clinton scandals and e-mails , it tipped the scale and many are so happy the U.S. doesnt´have a “warmonger in Chief” because of it ..

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