UX UI Case Study — Activities network

Find people to share your activities

This is a Case Study created at Ironhack’s UX UI Bootcamp as a training project.

The request

Creating an app for a social network called Blinder in which users pics are blind (hide or blur) until they start talking and decide to show off.

The budget is 20.000€ and the amortization of the investment must be done in 1 year from its launch.

Pain points

A relationship social network needs to concentrate users in the same city connected at the same time. It makes hard to get the 1 year amortization.

What role is sex going to play in it? Where is it going to be in user’s mental map?


Not creating a dating app, but an app to share activities. There is something you want to do but you don’t know with who: you load it and start talking to people who shares your interests until it is time to meet and do it.

The illustrations I used are created by 3 great artists: People and pets by Tali Yalonetzki (tosya.etsy.com), Gin + Tonic created by Alanna Cavanagh (www.alannacavanagh.com) and Woman in Yellow by Johanna Asseraf (http://johannaasseraf.tumblr.com)