FronEnd Engineering is known for its constant change ecosystem and the lack of patterns that can standardize and streamline its operation in a business-oriented manner. However, I strongly believe that it does not has to be this way. The following principles will try to set a path that can revert these common problems at medium to large organizations.

FroneEnd Engineering Principles

1. Reduce the learning curve.

Stick to standards widely known by the ecosystem and make sure the documentation is easily understandable so new members can dedicate time to learn the methods of the company and business process and start…

Thank you Adobe for demonstrating that you are the most Short-sighted tech company in the world. I have been an Adobe User for most of my career. You develop wonderful products but this time you just really did wrong. Venezuelan people are struggling to survive in a fake dictatorship where one of the most sensitive matters is human rights and actually freedom of speech. It is known that adobe tools enable professionals all over the world to generate content that allows people to express but more important to denounce injustice. …

Why React-MPAR?

A very common problem in modern frontend development with react is how to achieve progressive enhancement on sites or web apps where legacy CMS’s or web platforms are in place. This is particularly challenging because we need to synchronize server-side alien render from backend with front end rendering with react. At the same time, it may be in the interest of the project to allow the coexistence of legacy server-side rendered (SSR) content from backend with interactive frontend rendered content.

A very common approach to bringing a solution to this problem is web components. In a nutshell, web components leverage…

Luis Nesi

Technical Lead and FrontEnd Developer passionate about high impact Audio and visual oriented interactive experiences.

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