Tech, This is Good Bye.
Emelia Smith

I don’t think you should leave Tech. My honest opinion is that life is hard, competition is hard, and there are arseholes everywhere… you just have to accept this shitty world as it is, that’s the only way to live in peace. Just don’t expect nothing from no one, do the things you like to do and don’t pay attention to what others think or say about you -unless it’s useful, good-hearted criticism, then take it!

The advise is easy to say, and hard to follow, but after adjusting your head to a less I-am-a-victim mindset, you can train yourself to not giving a flying fuck about other people’s bullshit. I don’t say “victim” in a pejorative way. It’s just too easy for anyone in a difficult position to feel sorry for [‘his’ || ’her’] + ‘self’, rather than applyFilters() to the world and stop caring about things that don’t deserve your attention or your efforts.

So please, don’t leave Tech, it’s cool that you have rants and you share them with the world, but don’t fool yourself into thinking this industry is to blame. You’ll find mouthbreathers everywhere, in any industry, in any company. Just be prepared, expect them, not necessarily with a defensive attitude… just a bit less self-conscious. I can tell you from experience that letting others put you down is nobody’s fault but our own. If you let them win, it wasn’t them who derailed your existence, it was yourself for letting them get away with it. So don’t. Slap your face a couple times, take a deep long break, open a window and scream a big FUCK YOU to the world, and then get on with your life. In case you forgot, this is it, this life, your one chance to live and enjoy the world however you choose. Don’t waste it.

See you around!

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