Fuck You Startup World
Shem Magnezi

I think you…

a) should drop caffeine for a while,

b) chill,

c) stop thinking that using the F word is powerful or helps you making a fucking point,

d) stop thinking that the what you are explaining here is an actual REAL problem for everyone. Maybe it is YOUR problem? Because I know a lot of people in the Startup universe and they’re far from the picture you describe in this post.

All you’re doing is contributing to the negative vibe you complain about.

Reading this was good laugh, but totally un-inspirational and, I am afraid, quite irrelevant. A rant in Medium is shameless clickbait, and it’s not working anymore because we’re tired of them. And even more tiring is to see an abuse of the F word. It’s only shocking when a 5 y/o says it. In adults, it shows that the author couldn’t really find better ways of telling us about his/her feelings.


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