The relationship between formal education and Software Development is radically different from other industries. Unlike Doctors, Lawyers, technicians, etc there is a general disdain of not only formal education but also credential-based proof of competence.

This can be most clearly seen in the role that professional certifications play in Software Development.

If you spend any time online or with other developers you’ll quickly see that although traditional format education like university still has weight, other forms of credential-based displays of competence are overwhelmingly looked at with skepticism.

Here I’ll be discussing whether the reputation of certifications is earned. …

Learn how to seed data into a running Docker container in a simple and flexible way.

Legally required image that has nothing to do with the article topic
Legally required image that has nothing to do with the article topic
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Why would we need to generate data

Modern applications are, at least to some extent, data-rich. What this means is that often times applications will have features like the Twitter Feed, aggregated statistics, friends/followers, and many other features that rely on complex inter-related data.

It's this data that provides the vast majority of the application value. Twitter would be quite useless if the only thing you could do is post and could only see a handful of others’ tweets.

The biggest pitfall most developers can fall to is re-using the production…

Saving yourself the pain of deploying your site with Docker

Photo by Tim Gouw on Unsplash

Above is a real-life re-enactment of a developer having a mental breakdown trying to deploy their website without Docker /s

Why Containerize Your Gatsby Application?

Ease Of Development & Deployment

Anyone who has had to work with other developers working with different Operating Systems knows the strange bugs and issues that come up due to OS-specific issues.

Furthermore, managing the dependencies and configurations needed for production deployment can be extremely time-consuming.

Docker fixes these issues by:

  • Making it easy to get your application running, with all of the dependencies, locally with Docker Compose
  • Declaratively define the system dependencies and the infrastructure configuration for part of your application.
  • Allowing you to…

Implementing the templating engine as a server-rendered website. Maximizing performance, workflow, and maintenance.

Why Take This Approach?

Server-Rendered Handlebars offers several benefits over the standard approaches: increased performance, site maintainable, and ease of integration.

Standard front-end development by nature encounters significant maintainability problems as it continues to grow and expand(as every website does over time).

Oftentimes common components are created several times per web page, or spread amongst several pages; text becomes hard to find, update and test. These decrease deployment confidence and increase the probability of inconsistencies, security bugs, or design glitches.

On the other hand, utilizing a standard CMS while beneficial comes with significant technical debt and commitment.

A server-rendered templating engine, like Handlebars, allows…

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