100 job applications, 30 rejections, 68 no responses, and 2 offers. All in the span of my first 3 months @ University of Michigan. Overwhelming experience would be an understatement. Heres what I learned.

huntr.co is what I used to track applications

First some background: I recently transferred from Valencia college in Orlando, Florida to the amazing University of Michigan in Ann Arbor, Michigan. It’s been an awesome experience, university life is definitely sweet and snow is really cool! I’ve also enjoyed taking the computer science courses at UofM as they’re definitely more rigorous than the ones I took at Valencia. But being a “junior” I knew that…

Everyones favorite octopus..er..cat.

Have you ever been sitting there, in the dark, three hours past when you should’ve stopped working and you’re figuring out why your code isn’t working. You “know” it has something to do with some open-source library you’re using, so you think it’ll be a good idea to go on GitHub and post an issue on that open-source libraries issues board. So you try to describe what’s going on and so you post an issue. But oh no! You forgot to read the docs, or do a little more research into the topic before posting an issue!

“Please fix my…

The job market is tough, and you want to be the best.

Did you know getting a degree in Computer Science doesn’t gurantee you an awesome job? Theres tons of computer science students graduating every year; 28, 389¹ students like you or better graduating every year and with 1.77 million¹ already in the workforce, things get competitive. So how do you differentiate yourself from everyone else who took that data structures and algorithms class like you did? You do extra-curricular activities.

Theres something everyone can do, look I’m not saying let computer science or programming consume your life. By all…

I just recently released my first iOS app to the App Store (yay!) and in the process, I’ve learned some things, a lot of things, which maybe someone reading might find helpful.

Wait, what app?

Let me quickly plug my completely free app, called GradePoint which is what this article will be discussing.

GradePoint is a simple and easy to use iOS app for students who could use some help keeping tracking of their grades in school.

Being a student, I always found it frustrating that some professors would update grades using an online service while others would wait until the end of…

Luis Padron

iOS Engineering @ TripAdvisor

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