Luis Recuero Pita — Past Projects

Bellow you will find a list of pasts side projects, stories and ideas I have been working on for the last years.

Invisible & universal eDreams (2016)

My second in-house Hackathon experience!

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Construyendo un Design System (2017)

Esta historia describe el proceso de creación de un Design System desde la detección de la necesidad hasta los outputs finales

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A story of my life through design software (2015)

Since my first introduction to Photoshop to my favourite design software Sketch. Life runs, technology runs.

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ISOLATR. A single purpose app for isolating elements from images (2015)

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Newsletters redesign (2015)

This is a project related with innovation in big companies. Here I talk about how companies should be fast in following trends.

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Deliverables for implementation (2015)

How I was used to specify my final mockups for implementation.

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Domingo! (2014)

This is an inspirational travel app I made as a side project on eDreams.

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