Invisible & Universal eDreams

Two years ago I participated on my second in-house Hackathon. This time, instead of focusing on short term business goals (Check: My first hackathon experience) we wanted to go further and imagine how our future customers could potentially interact with our products.

Invisible & Universal eDreams is a single booking flow built under the principles of Accessibility where customers can browse using voice, gestures or keyboard. Furthermore, Universal eDreams can be browsed by anyone using an smartwatch, in a car as handheld interface in any smartTV or video game consoles.

Why Invisible? Because delivering an amazing experience it doesn’t rely anymore in complex user Interfaces but in the natural interaction. That’s what services like Siri and Google Now have in common. When the user interface gets out of the user’s way and simply directs them to what they need, the user can focus on their goals. That’s the beauty of Universal eDreams.

Check it live!

Check the prototype


Marvel prototype