Lindaa is a multi device platform which allows people to book health and beauty services straight to professionals.

8 months ago I was hired to rethink the beauty and health booking industry by changing the way people access to this kind of services.

I built a platform from scratch, helped by an amazing team of developers, customer care agents and sales assistants, which allows people to book health and beauty services straight to professionals:

My first role on the project was to understand the real problems people are facing to access this kind of services and also understand the real problems beauty and health professionals are facing to “turn-to-digital” their businesses. Once I made this, I designed and tested the MVP, created a roadmap for implementation and hired and mentored the Sales and Customer Satisfaction team.

Bellow the phases I went through:

  1. Understanding the environment: what have been done, which are the competitors
  2. Meeting and understanding problems from potential users
  3. Agree and plan with stakeholders
  4. Building the team and the methodology: developers, customer care, professional happiness
  5. Bringing up with the idea and sell it to stakeholders
  6. Creating the platform: notification flows, categorisation, interface, development.
  7. Launch, measure and track

This Story is under construction but If you are curious, check the site live: