• Barbara De Coster

    Barbara De Coster

    .NET Developer - Passionate about Technology, Photography, Design and Art - Also loves philosophy, literature, sociology, anthropology & Women rights.

  • Valder Zacarkim

    Valder Zacarkim

    Gosto de gente, empreendedorismo e esportes radicais!

  • Geoff Goodman

    Geoff Goodman

    Creator of @plnkrco. Making the internet easier and more fun to use at @auth0 via @webtaskio.

  • Khalid Abuhakmeh

    Khalid Abuhakmeh

    .NET Developer blogging at abuhakmeh.com

  • Rafael Pianucci Benedicto

    Rafael Pianucci Benedicto

  • Alex Haproff

    Alex Haproff

    Software Developer fluent in PHP, JavaScript. Mac Man. Camera enthusiast. Tech startup cofounder for content publishing software.

  • Sandrino Di Mattia

    Sandrino Di Mattia

    Engineering Lead at Auth0

  • Mark Woodhall

    Mark Woodhall

    Developer at @ByBox. vim enthusiast, Clojure lover, and out of practice runner.

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