Cover Letter

Dear Hiring Manager,

Hello Chipotle i saw you guys are hiring new crew members at your store, I thought this would be a perfect chance to introduce myself. My name is Luis Tigre and I’ve worked before as a Crew member in Mcdonald’s for one year. I learned various skills in order to make my job more of a place to be myself and succeed as a team instead of looking out for myself. I learned to work in a professional environment and developed better communication skills in order to have my customers enjoy and love their visit and want them to come back again and again. I also developed skills to work as a team and help one another become better because that what makes you a top performer. In order for a company to succeed i believe you have to have a strong team united and i believe i can bring that to your company, I can learn from one another and help people from my team that don’t know what i know. I also have experience with working with kids which allows me to have created skills to be organized, patience and more sanitary. This could be an advantage because dealing with customers will be much easier for me to cope with and allow to have good customer service. I really hope we can set up an interview, if any concerns please call 12345567890

Best Regards, LuisTigre

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