Poloniex has disappeared part of my money (+No solution)

Hello friends, today I want to make a complaint, therefore, is happening in @poloniex, myself and many other users, without having any response.

Yesterday, I decided to invest 530 dollars approximately in poloniex, specifically in Burst, by which they gave me 43504 Burst at a price of 698 satoshis each. When I put a stop loss, to avoid significant losses of my money, I decided to cancel the order because I was seeing that the price of the Burst was rising.

When I did that, my money disappeared from my wallet of poloniex, for which I was very nervous, without knowing what was going on. Although try to keep calm, he first typed by the trollbox, without giving me a response. And after I wrote to the support, which I replied, but that did not solve my problem until this time.

I began to realize in the trollbox, that not only I was happening to me, that my coins disappeared, but to other users of poloniex also had the same problem. There I began to realize that the problem was really serious.

My username on the trollbox is luisven, so I decided to ask again if i could resolve my problem, which i is affecting economically.

Which I responded the next.

I have to wait more than 4 days for them to give me answer?

Is really unusual, who will answer for the economic damage that I am suffering, product of an error in its platform. And if the price of my Burst low, without the possibility to sell at a good price, due to this inconvenience that will not let me work freely.

I wanted to also share, the complaints of the users by the trollbox, who complain that their coins do not appear.

I want to make this report, because I believe a lack of respect to its users, who until now have not received response to the problem.

I would like to ask you to share this content, and that affected users receive a financial reward, for the economic damage that are currently experiencing.

Originally published at steemit.com on May 14, 2017.